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Module Descriptions

  • Be an Advocate

    Be an Advocate

    There are a lot of myths floating around about tanning. Equipped with the correct information, you can help your guests make responsible tanning choices, ones that are best for them. Learn how to give guests […]

  • Be a Tour Guide

    Be a Tour Guide

    A salon visit without a great tour is like a meal without an appetizer. Learn to serve up a 5-star tour experience that’s sure to end in sweet rewards. Learn how to use the salon […]

  • Membership Mojo

    Membership Mojo

    Tanning memberships offer your guests a level of exclusivity, convenience and value. They also provide your salon with a predictable source of revenue. Learn these simple steps and you’ll soon discover the ART of finding […]

  • Notions About Lotions

    Notions About Lotions

    Lotions should be a great profit center for your salon. Understand the different types of lotions, their purposes and features so you can meet specific guests’ needs and sell the appropriate lotions. Bottom line: love […]

  • Got Sunless?

    Got Sunless?

    Offering sunless tanning at your salon allows your guests more choices and expands your revenue opportunities. Get to know the ins and outs of the sunless process and realize the potential of this growing market. […]

  • Be a Director

    Be a Director

    Find, interview and keep your staff motivated and engaged. Learn best practices for finding and interviewing new staff – then strategies to help keep them motivated and engaged, which can help you keep key team […]

  • No Train, No Gain

    No Train, No Gain

    From opening and closing procedures to everything in between, proper employee training is vital to your business. Combine ongoing staff training with real world experience and you’re building a sound foundation for success. Learn to […]

  • Compliance Reliance

    Compliance Reliance

    There are important federal laws that govern the operations of tanning salons and equipment. And depending on where your salon is located, your state, city and county may have additional laws, as well. Many states […]

  • Lamps and Amps

    Lamps and Amps

    Manage the arguably most critical component in your tanning salon. Master device operations while ensuring a personalized tanning experience. Whether you call them “tubes” “lamps” or “bulbs”, sunlamp performance is directly related to the tanning […]

  • Community: It’s About Time

    Community: It’s About Time

      Smart professionals know that giving back to the community helps build strong relationships and is a catalyst for opportunity. Discover creative ways you can give back … and maybe even get a little back, […]

  • This Little Bed’s Juuust Right

    This Little Bed’s Juuust Right

    Wrap engaging, memorable and personalized experiences around your core salon offerings! The experience you offer guests at your salon is key to adding value and can be done at every guest interaction and touch point. […]

  • Mixed Media

    Mixed Media

    Successful marketing requires an artful blend of traditional and non-traditional methods. Learn to leverage the new generation of marketing vehicles – social media – to market your business and manage your online reputation. Social networks […]