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“Indoor tanning retailers have needed a fully integrated educational and training program for decades. It’s not enough to acquire selling tips on equipment and lotions alone. Successful tanning salon owners and managers must be technically certified. But, they also have to develop their managerial skills and marketing acumen. The certification and training education produced by ist magazine’s Sun Is Life program, along with their licensed trade school for tanning, (the first in the industry!) has provided leadership that tanning salons need and want for a new generation of tanning professionalism. I am quite excited about this program and highly endorse it for all single and chain salons!”

John Farr
President/CEO of The Power Group Company
A tanning industry management and marketing solutions consulting firm.

  • Guest Experience Medallion (GEM)

    Guest Experience Medallion (GEM)

    Dive right in and get all 25 Sun is Life Training modules! With access to the entire program, you enhance your skills and knowledge in every facet of salon Best Practices and the Guest Experience. […]

  • Sun is Life Webinars are on Summer Break!

    Sun is Life Webinars are on Summer Break!

    Enjoy the sun and join us Fall 2014 for new and exciting webinars designed to help you succeed.

  • Power Up Staff Performance

    Power Up Staff Performance

    Wednesday, June 25th, 1:00pm EDT Need some help managing your team’s performance? Want some good metrics for knowing “When to hold ‘em & when to fold ‘em?” Looking for management tools that set staff up […]

  • Sun is Life’s “Greatest Bits!”

    Sun is Life’s “Greatest Bits!”

    Thursday, May 29th, 1:00pm EDT Even when it comes to learning, everyone wants the “bullet points.” This month, The Power Group/Sun Is Life Webinar series will give them to you! Join John Farr as he […]

  • Membership Has Its Privileges

    Membership Has Its Privileges

    Thursday, May 8th, 1:00pm EDT As lucrative as EFT memberships are, some salon operators still don’t offer these revenue-earning programs! Do they know that EFT can account for up to 60 percent of their salon’s […]

  • Lotion… The Tanning Salon’s Profit Potion

    Lotion… The Tanning Salon’s Profit Potion

    It’s no secret … tanning product sales increase your profit margins, so it only makes sense to get as much training in this subject as you can! On Thursday, April 17th, 5pm EST, tan biz […]

  • Learn from the Dream Team!

    Learn from the Dream Team!

    Thursday, March 27th – 1:00pm EDT Does $13-$16 per tanning session sound out of reach? Not if you have the right people behind your counter! At 1pm (EDT) on Thursday, March 27, John Farr, President […]

  • “The Best of the Best”

    “The Best of the Best”

    Thursday, March 6th – 1:00pm EST Power Group President John Farr and four of the industry’s most successful retailers will share the “Best of the Best Practices” to help you move your salon’s performance to […]

  • “The Experience”

    “The Experience”

    Thursday, February 13th – 1:00pm EST “Salon guest satisfaction is not achieved with customer service, but with customer DELIGHT created by unique and memorable salon visits and ‘customer bonding.’” – John Farr John Farr, President […]

  • “The Power of the Promo”

    “The Power of the Promo”

    Wednesday, January 29th – 1:00pm EST Ramp up your revenues in 2014 with proven promotions that capture market share & provide big-time up-sell opportunities! Kick off the peak season with a promotional game plan you’ll […]

  • “You Need to Sell … Everything!”

    “You Need to Sell … Everything!”

    Thursday, December 12th – 1:00pm EST As salon operators, selling tanning products and services is only one example of how you communicate your point of view and the value of your message to the public. […]

  • “Prep Your Team for 2014”

    “Prep Your Team for 2014”

    Thursday, November 14th – 3:00pm EST It’s time to weed out the poor performers & hold onto the “Stars!” The curtain will soon go up on the next peak season… is your team ready, loaded […]