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  • Sunlight & Disease Prevention

    Sunlight & Disease Prevention

    Yes, sunshine is a good thing when taken in moderation. Vitamin D is produced by your skin in response to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from natural sunlight. Five minutes a day is all it takes […]

  • Sunlight for Health

    Sunlight for Health

    The sun provides the energy that all living things need in order to exist on this earth. Getting your daily dose of sunshine will enhance your immune system. It increases the number of white blood […]

  • Cause And Prevention Of Skin Cancer

    Cause And Prevention Of Skin Cancer

    By SAM BAKER Too much time in the sun can be dangerous if you’re not careful – and well beyond a sunburn. The National Cancer Institute says more than a million Americans are diagnosed with skin […]

  • Dangers of melanoma in your feet

    Dangers of melanoma in your feet

    Eyewitness News NEW YORK (WABC) — When you catch melanoma early, you can cure it completely. When you don’t, it can be deadly.   And you may be surprised to learn that you can get skin […]

  • Wear A Hat and Sunglasses

    Wear A Hat and Sunglasses

    Wearing a hat with a wide brim will protect your eyes, ears, nose, forehead, and scalp from harmful UV rays. You can also purchase UV-blocking sunglasses, which is an important step to take when making sure […]